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Human Resources

Human Resources represent salary expenses.  Example of Human Resources could be J2EE Developer 1, System Architect, Test Automation Specialist, etc. Human Resources are operational expenditures.  They are categorized by role (e.g. Developer, Architect, Q&A).

Human Resources costs

The cost of a Human resource is calculated by multiplying its planned effort in hours by its cost rate per hour. 

Cost = Effort x Cost Rate

Note that if the effort was entered as a date range and a percentage of business hours, then the effort in hours is calculated as follows:

Effort = Number of working days in date range x 
Number of hours per day  x 
Percentage of availability

The number of working days is calculated based on the Folio's configured Working Schedule. It is equal to the number of business days per week minus the non-working dates.

Human resource details

When selecting clicking on a Human resource, more information on that Human resource is displayed in the details panel on the right.

Attaching files to Human Resource

You can attach files to a Human resource in order to keep related documents handy (pay slips, resumes, etc.). To attach files to a Human resource, select it and then click button Attach Files in Human resource details panel.  This brings up a dialog where you can pick a file (or multiple files simultaneously, if your browser allows it) and enter an optional comment.

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