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Manage Password Strength Requirements

This feature is only available to Account Administrators.

As an Account Admin, you can make your Roadmunk account more secure by requiring users to create their own passwords with enterprise-level strength. If this option is turned on, the following character types must be included in your password:

Passwords Must Contain

  • An Uppercase Character: Any uppercase letter(s) from A - Z

  • A Lowercase Character: Any lowercase letter(s) from a - z

  • A Number: Any numeric characters from 0 - 9

  • A Symbol: Any symbols including @, #, !, $, %, etc.

Enabling or Disabling the Password Strength Requirement​​

In the Company panel, use the checkbox highlighted above to toggle the Enterprise Password Strength requirement on or off for your account. Click Save in the top corner to apply these changes once they've been made.

Note: The requirement applies only to passwords set after the option is turned on and will not impact existing users' passwords or prompt them to update their passwords.

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