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Tempo Budgets - Folio Overview Gadget

The Folio Overview Gadget displays an overview of a selected folio.

To use the Folio Overview Gadget:

  1. Add the gadget to your selected dashboard.
  2. Select the Folio you wish to display in the gadget.
  3. Select which sections you wish to show in the gadget:
    1. Overview - shows an overview of the Folio in terms of schedule, costs, revenue, and profit.
    2. Progress - shows the progress of the Folio's schedule and scope.
    3. Finance - shows a summary of finance: costs, revenue, and profit.
    4. Finance Trend - shows the financial trend of the Folio: actual costs, earned costs, and planned costs, and estimates for each.
    5. Staff - shows information about the Folio's staffing resources.

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