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Track Capex Hours for Tax Credits

Many companies and organizations can benefit from government tax credits for different types of work, such as software research and development. Want to know how you can cash in? Use Tempo Timesheets to track and organize the time logged to capital expenditures (Capex) and operating expenses (Opex), and then you can generate a report to be used to claim those sweet tax credits.

There are several steps to this process, from setting up accounts and permissions to running reports, so take a look below to see how it's all done.


Watch this video to learn about how to get set up before using Tempo accounts:

Account Managers and Project Managers

Check out this video to see how to create accounts for both Capex and Opex work:

If you need to run reports on Capex hours for tax credits, watch this video:

Team Members
  • Logging Time to Tempo Accounts - Log your time to Capex or Opex accounts using the Account field in the Log Time form or the Account dropdown in a Jira issue.

Watch this video to see how to log your time to a Capex or Opex account:

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