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RICE Formula Preset

RICE is a scoring model used to prioritize features. By evaluating the reach and impact of a feature and comparing those against the effort it will take to complete, it allows you to better prioritize future work.

The RICE formula preset calculates a total score based on the following:

Reach x Impact x Confidence / Effort

Setting Up RICE Custom Fields

In order to use the RICE formula preset, you must have the following custom number fields in Jira:


How many people will the feature affect over a given period?

This could mean customers, internal teams, or any other group affected by the new feature. The time period is determined by business need – quarter, year, etc.


How much will this benefit the users or your goal?

How much will this feature increase adoption, retention, conversion, etc.? This is a scale that you create, often between 1 and 5 or 1 and 10. Keep in mind, the higher the value, the more it will affect the final score – so it’s best to determine which is more important: Reach or Impact.


How confident are you in the numbers above?

You may think the feature will have a huge impact, but do you have data to prove it? This should be a value between 1 and 100, representing a percentage.


How much work will be required to complete the feature?

This should be estimated based on the amount of work a single person can do in a month. Ex. A feature that requires 2 weeks of planning, 4 weeks of engineering, and 2 weeks of QA/review, assuming a single person is working on each part, would have an estimated effort of 2.

Learn More

For a more in-depth look at RICE Prioritization and how to use it effectively in your business, see

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