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Team Capacity Quarterly View

The Team Capacity Dashboard provides real-time insights into the workload and availability of the teams by providing an overview of the teams' sizes, work allocations, and capacity for the selected quarter. The dashboard tiles show the sum of all the selected teams and how much of the team members' time is planned and how much time is used up.

To add or remove teams from the dashboard, click on Add Teams + and select the teams you want to show on the Capacity dashboard.


The calculated Capacity is summed up for all selected teams and calculated for the selected quarter. You can scroll between quarters to see the refreshed capacity calculations as they apply for the selected quarter.

  • Total Team Members is the total headcount, based on the the Members column for the displayed teams. If users are in multiple teams, they are counted only once.

  • Total Team Size is the total capacity size of all teams, as a sum of the values in the Size (FTE) column representing the team members' capacity for the selected quarter.

  • Planned Quarterly Work FTE is the total Planned (FTE), In Progress (FTE) and Completed (FTE) presented as a sum of the corresponding columns in the table, calculated for all the teams in the selected quarter.

The team's table has the following attributes and calculations, presented where applicable in FTE units.




Name of the selected team.


The number of members, headcount, in the team.

Size (FTE)

The number of members in the team based on their FTE capacity.

Planned (FTE)

The total estimated FTE effort for the team.

In Progress (FTE)

The total estimated FTE effort for the team with Epic status 'In Progress'.

Completed (FTE)

The total estimated FTE effort for the team with Epic status 'Completed'.

To see the Jira Epics assigned for the teams in the selected quarter and their individual capacity calculations, see Planning Team Capacity by Jira Epics.

Filter Team Capacity by Team Roles

You can query the capacity data by team roles.

If you want to see the capacity of your teams for specific roles, you can filter Capacity Dashboard by the roles across the teams. Select to filter the Capacity Dashboard by selected team roles.

To filter the capacity by team roles:

  1. In the Capacity Dashboard, click the Filter button.

  2. In the Filter on roles window, click the dropdown to select the roles you want to filter the capacity data with.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. The dashboard is refreshed with the recalculated capacity data based on the team roles across the selected teams.

    The filter button displays the number of roles. Click to add more roles or to remove them.

  5. To remove the filter, click on the Filter button and uncheck the roles, and then click Apply.

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