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Known Issues - Browser Extensions & VPNs

Terms to Know

  • Browser Extension - An add-on that users can opt to install within their browser. These extensions provide a variety of new functions or customizations that are not available out of the box.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - A commonly used privacy tool in most businesses, VPNs allow teams to access a private, managed network within a publicly accessible network.


As with many online applications, some browser extensions may prevent loading or interfere with application performance in the Roadmunk environment. In most cases, we've found that certain tools which manage the security and presentation of your browser are quite often the cause of these types of roadblocks in the application.

Diagnosing and Resolving Potential Issues

Potential Issues with Browser Extensions: If you believe that some of your performance or loading issues may be caused by browser extensions, we would recommend that you attempt to load Roadmunk in an Incognito Mode window/tab. This will generate a fresh session in the browser and turn off any active extensions in the browser.

Potential Issues with Adblockers: If you are running any adblockers, either in your browser or on your device, we would recommend following the steps to whitelist Roadmunk in your adblocker. Once this has been completed, you should find that the adblocker will no longer attempt to block or delay certain elements from loading on the screen.

Potential Issues with VPNs: Certain security settings on on VPNs can cause access issues when trying to load Roadmunk on your device. In these cases we would often recommend disabling the VPN to test whether or not this makes any difference - if this is successful, we would suggest that your IT&S team whitelist Roadmunk on your companies VPN settings to avoid this issue going forward.

Known Issues with Extensions & Tools

At this time, we can confirm that the following extensions and tools have shown some unexpected behaviors or a level of incompatibility with Roadmunk:

  • Blur

  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

  • Citrix Virtual Desktop

  • High Contrast

  • BrowserStack Local

  • User-Agent Switcher

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