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Whitelisting Requirements for Roadmunk

Terms to Know

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) - A tool used to provide Roadmunk users with quick access to certain static elements from the application.

Whitelisting Roadmunk's Content Delivery Network

To ensure that Roadmunk is able to load static content efficiently, we use a Content Delivery Network (or CDN) to improve the performance of these resources on the application; however, some managed networks and devices will block the content from being properly loaded due to security restrictions.

As more of our users are working from home and connecting through managed networks, some organizations have started to tighten security by enforcing tools and standards for teams working out-of-office. Whitelisting ensures that those users able to use the platform with uninterrupted access and continue collaborating with their teams during this time.

To ensure continued content visibility and performance while using the Roadmunk platform, we recommend connecting with your IT&S team or administrator to whitelist the following URL:


If you run into any issues with setting this up or have any further questions, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

NOTE: Whitelisting is not necessary for all teams using Roadmunk - please connect with your IT&S team to confirm whether these steps would be required.

Allowing All Emails Delivered by Roadmunk

Depending on your security settings, certain emails from Roadmunk may automatically be moved into your spam or junk mail folders. This can include anything from roadmap updates and notifications to invoice copies and password reset emails, depending on your email provider's security settings.

When accessing Roadmunk from a personal email address, please ensure that the domain is whitelisted or to your Safe Senders & Domains list. Instructional guides for your email provider can usually be found on their respective support or help sections (easily accessible through the Settings menu).

If accessing Roadmunk from a work email address, please connect with your IT&S administrator to setup the proper permissions for allowing all emails from Roadmunk to be delivered. If they require any further details, please have them reach out to us at and we would be happy to assist.

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