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Group by Version Name

Using the Version Name... Grouper, you can group issues with the same version names across multiple projects.

You can select whether to group issues by the Affects Version, Fix Version or a version custom field.

Multiple Projects, Brought Together

When you use the Version Name... Grouper, issues with the same version name are grouped together, regardless of which project they appear in.

The Version Name Grouper is case insensitive and ignores spaces, so "Version 1" and " version1" will be in the same group.

Version Descriptions

As you can see in the screenshot above, Version groups also include the version description, when available. Descriptions are listed in the following manner:

  • If only one project includes a description for a particular version, or if every project has the same description, only the one description is displayed (see Version 2.0 above).
  • If each project has a unique description for the version, all descriptions will be displayed with the corresponding project listed in parenthesis (see version 1.0 above).
  • If no project includes a description for a version, no description is displayed (see version 1.5 above).

Grouping by the Attribute Rather Than Version Name

The Version Name... Grouper creates a single group for each version, regardless of which project the issues come from. If you prefer to have separate groups for separate projects, instead of selecting Version Name... from the Group by menu, select the specific version attribute you wish to group by (Affects Version/s, Fix Version/s or a version custom field).

Notice that when grouping by the attribute itself (rather than the Version Name Grouper), you may wind up with multiple groups per version, because versions are not combined across projects.

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