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To view the capacity of a team in Tempo for Server

To view the capacity of a team in Tempo for Server, you don't need any special permissions. To view resources, however, you need to have permission to view team plans for the teams containing those resources.

  1. From the Tempo menu, click more... under Teams.
  2. Select the team you want to configure to open the Overview.
  3. Click Reports at the top-right, and then click Team Capacity.
  4. Click Team to view planned time for each team member in this team.
  5. To change the dates shown, use the period drop-down to select from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly, and use < and > to navigate forward or backward one period at a time.
  6. Select the information to view:
    1. Planned - view the planned time for the team in hours and as a percentage of their total capacity.
    2. Time Available - view the unplanned time for the team in hours.
    3. Effective Team Size - view the effective team size, which is calculated based on the total number of team members and their capacity.

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