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Tempo and Jira Align Integration

Jira Align is a Cloud-based enterprise agile planning solution, tailor-made for managing large-scale software and IT projects. The Jira Align team at Atlassian is decommissioning their native time-tracking service and is looking to standardize Timesheets by Tempo.

You can find information on Jira Align at

Benefits of using Jira Align with Timesheets

With Tempo’s time-tracking data seamlessly integrated with Jira Align, you can automatically see how developer time is invested across your product portfolios. Whether you are looking for portfolio, product, or project spend, it’s there at a glance in your Jira Align Portfolio Room. 

Discover how teams spend their time

When time-based insights are missing from enterprise agile planning, it’s a challenge for product leaders to track developer costs against budgets, and to ensure development spend is connected to the organization’s investment strategy.

With Timesheets’ time-tracking data seamlessly integrated with Jira Align, you get timely reports on how development teams spend their time – making it effortless to track developer costs across product portfolios and understand investments against strategic development themes.


Track investments at every level

Now you're able to see how much a project, product, or portfolio has cost to develop (no need to spend hours gathering data). Plus, the single view allows you and your financial team to track developer spend against set budgets. By using the Timesheets for Jira Align integration, you're able to demonstrate to your board and investors that development spend is connected to your organization's strategic investment themes.

Setting up Jira Align

Setting up Jira Align is a support-driven process and cannot be enabled by the user. You need to contact Tempo support to enable Jira Align. Tempo then conducts an initial load, wherein the recommended initial load is for the past 90 days. It can be requested for less or more duration. Also, note that the processing time varies based on the volume of data to be synced as part of the initial load.


  • You are an existing Tempo customer.

  • You have a valid license for both Timesheets by Tempo and Jira Align.

Anonymized and De-anonymized Worklogs

After Jira Align is enabled and you log time using Tempo Timesheets, there is a Jira worklog that shows the User who changed it instead of Tempo Timesheets under the History tab. Both Tempo “Worklogs” and "History" tabs display the information when the user makes any changes like logging time, updating the description or summary, or deleting the worklogs.

It is also possible to create, update, and delete worklogs for other users, such as if you're a Team lead.



For the worklogs that are not de-anonymized, it still displays as Tempo Timesheets instead of the user who made changes.

jira align tempo timesheets.png

This screenshot shows the User name in the history logs after enabling Jira Align.


Once the integration is complete, all new worklogs created will be de-anonymized by default, and they can not be anonymized.


  • For the issues that are non-editable in Jira, total hours logged will be incorrect due to the limitation that worklogs are not synchronized with Jira.

  • If the worklog is created, updated, or deleted in Tempo when it is in a non-editable state, the hours are not changed, and it reflects the previous hours logged.

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