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Connecting Your External Calendars

View your scheduled meetings and other events in My Work by integrating your Google or Office 365 calendars. You can then log time by clicking the activity cards in My Work. Calendar events are visible in My Work only while the external calendars are connected.

Private or Free (Google) calendar events in your external calendar aren't visible in My Work.

Before you log time from a calendar event, you can delete or modify what's in the Description field. This allows you to share links or other information in the worklog. Changes you make to the meetings or events in Tempo are not saved to the external calendar.

For Planner, the calendar integration displays meetings and calendar events in the Resource Planning view. If you want to hide the details of your calendar events from the Resource Planner, enable Show all calendar event titles as "Busy" in Tempo Planner in the Resource Planning view.

Here's a quick overview of how you connect your Office 365 calendar to My Work and then log time to events from that calendar:


You can also connect and disconnect external calendars from the Tempo Appspage.

Connect to Your Calendar

The Office 365 Calendar integration is available only to users with the Cloud version of Office 365. Hosted enterprise editions of Office 365 are not supported.

  1. Navigate to My Work and select either the List or Calendar view.

  2. Click Settings at the top-right, and then select Settings under ACTIVITIES.

  3. From Activity Settings, click the edit (pencil) icon next to either Office365 or Google Calendar. The Calendar connection page opens.

  4. Choose one of the connection options.

    • Enhanced Calendar with automation includes Tempo Automation, which helps you log time faster by displaying your calendar events in your Activity Feed.

    • Basic Calendar connection offers basic functionality without automation. No information is stored.

    To learn more about either option, see Understanding the Differences between Basic and Enhanced Calendar connections.

  5. Sign in with your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account. If prompted, confirm that you want to sign in.

  6. The Tempo app must have permission to access your calendar. Click Allow.

  7. If you have multiple calendars for this account, select the one whose events you want to display and log time to in My Work.

  8. Click Go to My Work to see your calendar events in both the Calendar and List views. The calendar activity cards are identified with an icon.

To log time to these activities, see Logging Time to Your Activities.

Tips for Creating Calendar Events

When creating your next Calendar event, include the Jira Issue key or give it a descriptive title to identify it in your activity cards. The Machine Learning model will pick up the issue key so that you can log time to that event in a single click.


Disconnecting Your External Calendars

If you do not want to see your external calendar as activities in My Work anymore, disconnect the calendar from My Work

  1. In My Work, click Settings at the top-right, and then select Settings under ACTIVITIES.

  2. From Activity Settings, click the edit (pencil) icon next to the calendar you want to disconnect.

  3. You are directed to the Tempo Apps page to sign out of the calendar.

  4. The calendar activity event cards are removed from My Work.

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