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Logging Time to Your Activities

Log your time quickly by integrating calendars, Jira, or source code editors with Timesheets by Tempo. After integrating a third-party app, events and activities are added to your Activity Feed, available in My Work’s Calendar or List view.

Instead of entering time in the Log Time form, you can click Log Time in an activity card, which already includes the time you spent on an activity.

Watch How to Log Time with Tempo Automation

Activities from Calendars

When you connect to your Google or Office 365 calendar, you can select Basic calendar integration or Enhanced Calendar with Automation. Based on this choice, calendar events behave differently.

  • Basic connections - All-day events appear as activity cards. Calendar events have no date limit and are fetched directly from the calendars.

  • Enhanced connections - Events 14 days in the future and 14 days in the past are displayed. If Planner is also installed, it displays events 90 days ahead.

If you've set your working hours and didn't log time with a Start and End time, your time is logged at your daily start time.

Private calendar events are excluded from your Activities feed, and you can edit the activity card to remove the calendar description.

Overlapping activities

Only one activity card can be displayed in a time slot in My Work. When multiple activities happen at the same time, the card displayed is determined by the following order:

  1. Worklogs converted from plans (time you've already logged) and Plan cards (planned time)

  2. Calendar events

  3. Jira, VSCode, JetBrains, or Github activities

For example, if you're working on a Jira issue at the same time that you have a meeting booked with a Calendar event, the calendar event takes priority over the Jira issue. To view the Jira issue as a suggested activity in My Work, delete the Calendar event.

Activities that aren't logged with the Log Activities button

You can use the Log Activities button at the top of a day to log all current activities from the day. However, some activities must be edited before you can log time to them, and time from a plan card can't be logged.

The following activities must be edited before you can log time to them:

Before you begin

Ensure that your providers are connected to My Work and active. You can connect your Google Calendar, Office 365 Calendar, VS Code, JetBrains, and GitHub. Learn more about Connecting and Disconnecting Your Activity Providers.

Declutter your Activities feed before you log time by filtering your activity provider.

Log time to your activities

As you add events to your calendar, work on Jira issues, or code, activity cards are added to My Work automatically that reflect your activities and events.

These are suggestions for what you have worked on; they're not yet logged time.

  1. Navigate to My Work and select the Calendar or List view.

  2. Navigate to the day you want to log time.

  3. Log your time granularly by activity card or in bulk by day.

    • To log your time granularly, under Activities, hover over the activity card, and then click the checkmark to log time to it. Once you log time, the activity card becomes a worklog.

    • To log all current activities in a day, click the Log Activities button at the top of the day. If you continue to work after logging all activities, and the activities are added to your Activities feed, the Log Activities button is re-enabled.

    • If you delete a worklog from an activity or calendar event, that activity or event card returns to the Activities feed in My Work.

Log time to all activities

You can log time to all your activities in a working period at once.

  1. Navigate to My Work and select the Calendar or List view.

  2. Click Log All Activities to log time to your activities for your entire working period.

  3. Completed activities for the working period are automatically logged.

    Incomplete activities are displayed in the Log all activities form you can associate Jira issues to the activity, the amount to time you spent on the issue, or remove activities that you didn't spend time on.

  4. Click Confirm.

The Log All Activities button is disabled if any attributes or fields are set to Required.

Edit an activity

You can change the information about an activity before you log time to it, such as the duration, issue key, or calendar description.

Changes you make to your calendar activities in My Work aren't reflected in your external calendars.

To edit an activity:

Click Edit on an activity card. The Log Time form opens. Make your changes and then log time to that activity.


Deleting Activities

Deleting calendar activity cards in My Work does not delete them from your external calendars.

To delete an activity card, click Delete.


A notification displays with the option to undo the deletion.


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