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Supported Browsers

Roadmunk provides browser support for users on the most recent versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. While we've been extremely pleased with the experience that Chrome provides our users, we believe that the newest releases of these popular browsers will provide our users with improved access, greater flexibility, and the same great Roadmunk experience that they know and love.

Supported Browsers

Roadmunk officially supports the 2 most recently released versions of the following browsers:

Past browser versions may be able to support Roadmunk; however, the performance and security limitations of those outdated versions may prevent certain elements from displaying properly. We recommend updating browsers regularly - please note that Safari updates are packaged with MacOS updates.

Unsupported Browsers

While we've been extremely pleased with the functionality, security, and support for web development standards that the browsers we currently support provide, other browsers are unable to provide our users with the same experience at this time. We will continue to keep an eye on other popular browsers as our team considers the next stages in our browser support expansion. 

Browser Performance

While Roadmunk supports several major browsers, Google Chrome is our preferred browser based on performance, functionality, and support for current web development standards. For best performance, Roadmunk recommends that you update to the most recent version of your preferred browser. Current versions can be downloaded at the links provided or through your browser's Settings menu.

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