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To plan human resource costs from estimates in Tempo for Server

To plan human resource costs in Tempo Budgets for Server based upon estimates you need to be a Folio Owner or Folio Administrator:

  1. From the Tempo menu, click the folio name. You can also click more... to open a list of all folios.
  2. Click the Costs tab, and then click Planned at the top-left.
  3. Click Plan from Estimates.
  4. Under Select effort to plan for, select either the entire scope of the folio, or narrow it down using a filter or JQL function. 
  5. Under Plan Staff:
    1. Name - select a name for the positions created.
    2. Role - select a role for the positions created.
    3. Cost Rate - select a planned Cost Rate for the positions. This rate is individually set, it doesn't necessarily conform to the global user rates.
    4. Effective Date - select a date for the work to start, or choose the Folio's start date.
  6. Click PlanTempo Budgets for Server will set human resources based on the folio's scope.
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