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Adding Existing Issues

Issues can be added to a structure from the Structure Board or their own Issue Page.

Adding issues from Structure Board

On the Structure Board, open the secondary panel and search for existing issues using the text or JQL search. You can import issues one at a time, or select multiple items.

After selecting the issue(s) you need, add them to your structure using drag-and-drop or copy/paste.

You can also add issues from another structure. Simply open the structure in the secondary panel, and use drag-and-drop or copy/paste to import issues.

Adding issues from the Issue Page

You can also add issues to a structure directly from their issue page.

From the issue page, select the structure you want to add the issue to, highlight the place you would like to insert the image (it is inserted immediately after the highlighted line) and click the Paste button.

Issues can be added and removed automatically using Generators.

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