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Creating your own JQL Query

Available on the following plans:

  • Professional

  • Enterprise

JQL, or Jira Query Language, can be quite confusing and intimidating when trying it out for the first time. While integrating your Projects with Roadmunk, it's a fantastic way to help filter issues that are being pulled into your roadmap. Jira has a neat built in feature to help build your query without any previous knowledge of JQL

Building out your Query

  1. Head over to your Atlassian account

  2. Navigate to your Project

  3. Click into "Filters" along the top navigation and select "Advanced Issue Search"

  4. Click "Switch to Basic"

  5. Use the drop downs to filter your search

  6. When finished, click "Switch to JQL" and copy your query

JQL Builder.gif

The query will still need to be formatted. Formatting tips can be found here.

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