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Adding Expenses to Jira Issues

Adding expenses to Jira issues requires the Edit Issue permission in Jira.

As well as logging time that you worked on an issue, you can log your own expenses to the issue.

If you log expenses to an issue, the Account Lead (for the account that is associated with the issue) can view the expenses in the Time and Expenses report and on the account revenue graph. Other users with Manage Accounts permission can also view the report and graph. 

  1. In the Tempo panel of the issue, click the down arrow on the Log Time button, then select Add Expense.    
  2. In the Add Expense dialog box, fill in the requested information.


    In the Category field, you can select an expense category from the list. Alternatively, you can create a new category, as in the following example to create the category 'Hotels':
    1. In the Category field, type Hotels.
    2. Click Create option Hotels.
  3. Click OK.

In the Tempo panel of the issue, only expenses that you added are displayed:


If the issue is editable, you can also edit or delete expenses.

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