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Deleting expenses from JIRA issues

Expenses that have been logged on an issue can also be deleted. This can be done from within the Jira issue, or from within Budgets.

Issue Expenses can be viewed in the Time and Expenses report and on the account revenue graph. Other users with Manage Accounts permission can also view the report and graph.

Required permission

Edit Issue permission (in JIRA)

Deleting issue expenses from within the Jira issue

  1. In the issue, mouse over the expense you want to delete under Expenses.
  2. Click on the trash can icon that appears. 
  3. A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to delete the expense. Select OK.

Deleting issue expenses from within Budgets

  1. From within the Costs section of the Folio, select Actual. All issue expenses added within the issue will be calculated as Actual Expenses
  2. To delete an expense, click on the garbage can symbol at top
    or use the 'd' hotkey.
  3. In the Delete Expense window, click OK.

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