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Backing Up Structure

Backing up Structure saves the existing structures, their configuration, hierarchies and other Structure data. Structure backup does not save the issues themselves or other Jira data - see Structure Backup, Restore and Migration.

To back up Structure:

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | Backup Structure.
  2. Enter the name for the backup file. If you omit the file extension, .zip will be added to it. 

    You cannot specify a directory for the backup file. Backup is always done to the export sub-directory under Jira home.

  3. Use the Backup History checkbox to include the full change history in the backup file.
  4. Click Backup.
  5. If the file already exists, you will be given an option to overwrite the file or cancel the operation.
  6. You will see the Process Status page where you can track the progress of your backup. Once it's finished, click Show Results to see the full name of the backup file.
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