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Deleting Accounts

Deleting accounts requires the Tempo Account Administrator permission.

You can delete a Tempo account if the account is not linked to a Jira project or issue.

  1. Select Accounts :accounts_dc:  in the sidebar.

  2. In the Accounts view, click Delete in the Action column for the relevant account.


As an account may be referenced by many worklogs, we suggest that you archive or close an account rather than delete it. If an account is linked to one or more projects or issues, Tempo notifies you that the account is still in use and that you must remove any links before you can delete the account.

Account Worklogs

To ensure that you don't lose any data by deleting the account, you need to verify that there are no worklogs logged on issues that have been linked to the account. You can verify the data by selecting Timesheet on the Accounts page to display the Account Timesheet.

In the Account Timesheet, select use the Date Navigation to cover the period since the account was created.

It is safe to delete the account if no data is displayed in the Account Timesheet for the selected period.

Account Revenue

You can verify if there are worklogs on issues linked to the account by selecting Revenue on the Account page.

It is safe to delete the account if the revenue returns no data.

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