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Viewing plans for other team members requires the View team plans permission.

Reports let you gather data from plans from yourself or others, such as your team, department, or even your whole company. You can use these reports to gain insight into your business and share your data. Filter and display the results in precisely the way you want and then save the report so that it takes just one click to run it again whenever you need it. Use these reports to manage your data, and print or export your report data for later use. 

You can create reports from the Resource Planning view or the Reports overview, where you can also access any saved reports.

To access the Reports overview, select Reports in the Tempo sidebar. 

  • In the top half of the view you can create reports that show the time that has been planned on projects based on teams and individual users. In both cases, you can opt to display total hours worked and billable hours.

  • The lower half of the view shows a library of your saved reports. You can open or run a saved report, modify it and save your changes, or make a copy of the report.

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