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Exporting Tempo Accounts

Exporting Tempo accounts requires the Tempo Account Administrator permission.

You can export all open and closed Tempo accounts in a CSV file. You can do this to either create a backup of your accounts, or import the accounts into another Tempo instance, for example.

To export Tempo accounts:

  1. Select Settings in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Under Accounts, select Import/Export.

  3. Under Export, click Export Accounts.

    All open and closed accounts on your Tempo instance are saved in a CSV file. Archived accounts are not included.

    To import the accounts from this CSV file to another Tempo instance, see Importing Tempo Accounts.

When you open the resulting CSV file directly in Excel, the format is displayed as XLS and looks like a mix of semicolons and commas. Do not fear! To show the correct format, open Excel and select Data, then From text/csv and choose your Tempo account .csv file. This imports the file properly as CSV and the data is displayed correctly.

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