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Migrate to Cloud

If you're moving to cloud using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, you can migrate your Gantt charts along with your structures. Just follow the Structure Migration Guide and be sure to select "Migrate Structure.Gantt" in the configuration options.

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant only support Structure.Gantt 3.5 or later. For earlier versions, see Manually Migrating to Cloud.

For best results, we recommend updating to the latest versions of Structure and Structure.Gantt.

Multiple Gantt Configurations

Structure.Gantt for Jira Cloud only has one Gantt configuration per structure. If you have multiple Gantt configurations for a structure on your DC/Server instance, the last-used configuration will be used when migrating to cloud.

Differences Between DC/Server and Cloud

We are continuously working to bring features from Structure.Gantt DC/Server to the cloud, and most of the features you use are already there. However, there are still some differences. Please be aware that the following features are currently not available in Structure.Gantt Cloud, and their corresponding attributes will not be migrated:

  • Sandboxes
  • Resource Leveling, including leveling priorities and leveling delays
  • Formulas in Gantt configurations
  • Custom chart markers

To learn more about the differences between Structure.Gantt for DC/Server and Structure.Gantt for Cloud, see Comparison Between Structure.Gantt for Cloud and Data Center.

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