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Logging Time in the Reports View

Viewing report data requires the View All Worklogs and the Browse Projects permission for each project.

You can log time on Jira issues in the grid view of any report. 

  1. Create your report or load a saved report in the Reports overview :reports_dc: .

  2. Make sure you are viewing days in the grid view.

  3. Click an empty cell for the issue you want to log time on. The Log Time form is opened with the issue preselected

  4. Fill in the Log Time form.

    1. You can select a different issue from the issue drop-down list. Use the tabs to filter the issue list.

    2. If you have permission to log time for other users, you can select a User.

    3. If you select the Period option, you can log time on the issue for a period of time.

    4. Click the calendar if you want to log time on a different date.

    5. Enter the Worked hours and Remaining estimate, if required.

    6. Give a brief Description of the work done.

  5. When you are finished, click Log Time.

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