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Planned Costs & Revenues CSV Export

The following table shows all planned costs and revenues fields that are exported and the description of their contents.

The fields order may differ from the actual export file column order

Exported Fields



The category of the expense. 
May contains either

Planned Costs

  • OPEX - operating expense
  • SALARY - position
  • CAPEX - capital expenditure
  • FINEX - financial expenditure

Planned Revenues

  • OPERATING - operating revenue
  • CONSULTING - Consulting revenue
  • NON_OPERATING - Non-operating revenue


The type of an expense or the title of a position


Contains the name of the expense/position

DescriptionContains the description for the expense/position


The reporter for the expense/position.

Start date

 The date on which the expense occurred or if recurring or a position the starting date.

End date

 The date on which the expense/position stops.

AccountThe account key of the associated Tempo Account
LabelsContains the list of JIRA Issues Labels associate to this expense/position


The amount of the expense


Indicate if the expense is amortized or not.
May contains either

  • TRUE - if amortized
  • Nothing - if not amortized

The frequency of the recurring expense.
May contains either

  • Nothing if ONCE
Repeat every

The "repeat frequency" for the recurring expenses


The maximum number of occurrences for the recurring expenses.

Repeat on

Days of the week the recurring expense occurred (only when frequency is set to WEEKLY)
May contains a combination of the following values

  • SU - for Sunday
  • MO - for Monday
  • TU - for Tuesday
  • WE - for Wednesday
  • TH - for Thursday
  • FR - for Friday
  • SA - for Saturday
Repeat byThe monthly recurring expenses occurred - (only when frequency is set to MONTHLY)
May contains either
  • DAY OF MONTH - for the recurrence to be based on the day of the month
    e.g. Monthly on day 31
  • DAY OF WEEK - for the recurrence to be based on the week day
    e.g. Monthly on the first Tuesday


The effort planned for the position (in hours)


The wage for each position (hourly rate).


The availability planned for the position (%)

Exported CSV Example (Costs)
"Category","Type","Name","Description","Reporter","Amount","Amortized","Effort","Wage","Availability","Start date","End date","Frequency","Repeat every","Occurrences","Repeat on","Repeat by"
"SALARY","Administration","Scrum Master","A scrum master is the facilitator for a product development team that uses scrum, a rugby analogy for a development methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly. The scrum master manages the process for how information is exchanged.","admin","","","","40.00","100.0000","2013/09/03","2014/05/21","","","","",""
"SALARY","Developers","Java Guru","It's not simply the Java in your Cup; it's how you prepare it that makes it worth consuming. Any modern day software is developed using object oriented language especially java because of the 'Write once, Run anywhere' architecture and its number of attractive and powerful features. Javatars, apply your java skills, compete with the bests and be the next Java Guru.","admin","","","","50.00","100.0000","2013/09/03","2014/05/21","","","","",""
"SALARY","Developers","Java Senior developer","Not a Guru but close.","admin","","","165.00","50.00","100.0000","2013/09/03","","","","","",""
"OPEX","Rent & Leasing","3101 Olivette-Marjault, Montreal, Quebec","Head office rent.","admin","2,800.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"OPEX","Representation","Agile Conference","Includes booth, passes, plane, accommodations.","admin","2,500.00","","","","","2013/11/02","","","","","",""
"OPEX","Representation","Atlassian Summit","Includes booth, passes, plane, accommodations.","admin","2,000.00","","","","","2013/11/02","","","","","",""
"OPEX","Representation","Accommodations","Various expenses related to accommodations.","admin","1,000.00","true","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","12","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"OPEX","Licensing","JIRA license","Product issue tracker and support tool.","admin","4,000.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","","","","",""
"OPEX","Licensing","Confluence (wiki) license","Our team wiki.","admin","4,000.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","","","","",""
"OPEX","Licensing","FOLIO for JIRA license","Simply the best EVM add-on so far!","admin","2,000.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","","","","",""
"OPEX","Advertising","Web ads","Banners, links, google adds...","admin","10,000.00","true","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","12","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"OPEX","Advertising","Magazine ad","To announce the product launch date.","admin","500.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"CAPEX","Equipment","Head office furniture","A couple of desks and some chairs.","admin","30,000.00","true","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","12","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"CAPEX","Equipment","Computers","About 4 computers for devs and 2 laptops for admins.","admin","40,000.00","true","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","12","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"CAPEX","Legal","Algorithm patent","If we need one...","admin","2,000.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","","","","",""
"CAPEX","Legal","Product copy rights and licensing","Legal stuff for the product licensing","admin","3,000.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","","","","",""
"FINEX","Loans & Credits","Bank loan","Expected loan for initial cash flow","admin","500.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"FINEX","Loans & Credits","Credit cards","Expected interest on various credits","admin","160.00","","","","","2013/09/03","","MONTHLY","1","","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
Exported CSV Example (Revenues)
"Category","Type","Name","Description","Reporter","Amount","Amortized","Effort","Wage","Availability","Start date","End date","Frequency","Repeat every","Occurrences","Repeat on","Repeat by","Labels"
"CONSULTING","Developers","Architect","Must have some experience in SOAP","admin","","","","40.00","100.0000","2013/11/20","2014/08/07","","","","",""
"OPERATING","Sales","Licenses","Revenue originating directly from the licensing sales.","admin","3,500.00","","","","","2013/11/20","2014/01/19","MONTHLY","1","","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"OPERATING","Sales","Clothing","Because we are a T-Shirt company!!!","admin","150.00","","","","","2013/11/20","2014/01/19","MONTHLY","1","","","DAY_OF_MONTH"
"NON_OPERATING","Memberships","Parking fees","From the parking fees charged to the employees. Hide a bike!","admin","1,200.00","","","","","2014/01/20","","MONTHLY","1","","","DAY_OF_MONTH"

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