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Text Wrapping

By default, the rows in a structure are only tall enough to display a single line of text for each column. If your columns contain long texts, you can enable text wrapping to see more of each field. When enabled, each row's height is adjusted to fit its tallest column.

Text wrapping works with any text field, including Summary, Description, and custom text fields. It also works with formula columns.

If you have Structure.Gantt installed, text wrapping is temporarily disabled while viewing a Gantt chart.

Enabling Text Wrapping

To enable or disable text wrapping, click the View Settings button and switch the text wrapping toggle on or off.

Saving Text Wrapping Settings

Structure allows you to save your text wrapping settings for a particular view.

To set your text wrapping preference for a saved view:

  1. Open the View Settings menu
  2. Turn text wrapping on or off
  3. Click Save to update the currently selected view, or click Save as... to create a new view

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