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Adding and Configuring Teams

Organizations use various strategies to manage work for their teams in Jira. Some use a separate Jira project per team, others define a custom field for selecting a team, while still others use a combination of different strategies. In Deliver, teams are identified using JQL to specify the backlogs they use to manage their work. This allows for almost unlimited flexibility.

Teams page

Creating a New Team

To create a new team, open the Teams page and click Create New Team. You will need to supply a name for the team and identify the team’s issue backlog source.

Create a new team

Team name

The name Structure.Deliver should display to identify this team.

Backlog source

Enter a query that will identify the team’s issue backlog.

  • If the team uses its own Jira project to track work, you might use JQL like this: “project = team1”
  • If you use a custom field to identify teams, the JQL might look like this: “teamField = team1”
  • More complex JQL can be used to define teams that require additional work to isolate their backlogs. For example, if several teams share a project, you might have JQL like this: “project = CORE and teamField = team1”

You can use any JQL that is required to define a team.

Insert JQL Based on a Board

If a team's work is confined to a single Jira board, you can select that board rather than entering a JQL query.

Identify a team's backlog based on a Jira board

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