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Time Entry Report

The Time Entry report for Jira Server and Data Center provides a convenient way to record working time for any Jira issue assigned to you. See Logging Time for more information about the various methods to log time.



What is it?

What do I do with it?


Previous and Next icons

Click to select the day you want to view.


Download icon

Exports the report. See Exporting and Importing Reports.


Started column

Displays the start time of issues.


Spent column

Displays the total recorded elapsed time, per worklog.


Edit Worklog icon

Click to open the Edit Work Log box to update time entry details for the issue.


Delete Worklog icon

Click to delete the worklog for the issue.


Save icon

Click to stop the timer and save the total time for the worklog.


Log Work icon

Click to open the Log Work Done box and enter details such as time spent and date started on an issue.


Start/Pause Work icon

Click to start the timer to record time spent on an issue or to start or pause work on an unsaved worklog.


Total time rows

Displays the total time for saved and unsaved issues, if applicable.

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