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Exporting and Importing Reports

Most Time Reports can be exported to .csv or .xls formats. You can also import timesheet worklogs in .csv format.

To export timesheet reports:

  1. Set up the report for how you want to export. Exports are available for all reports, except Calendar and Pie Chart.

    There are a number of User Preferences that can help you set up the export look (e.g., Time Tracking Columns, Time Balance Columns, Columns For Export, and Duration Type For Export).

  2. From the report page, click the Download icon (Export/Import for the Timesheet report) to reveal the menu.


  3. Select whether you want to export the report data as .xls or .csv, or the report view as .xls.

  4. Change the file name, if needed, and select the destination.

Using URL Links to Export Timesheet Reports

You can use URLs to export Time Reports. This can be handy if you want to share these URL links in project wikis, for example. The URLs follow a defined structure, and can be copied directly from the Download menu.

To export reports using a URL:

  • From the Download (Export/Import for the Timesheet report) menu dropdown, click the Copy Link icon next the type of report you want.


    The link is copied to your clipboard.

Importing Worklogs

You can also import worklogs in .csv format from the importTimesheet.csv option in the Timesheet Export/Import menu. Your imported file should contain at least Key and Time Spent.


Example of recommended format:

Issue Key, Date Started, Time Spent, Comment

NGEN-1,2020-09-16 09:00:00Z,2h,test

NGEN-2,2020-09-14 09:00:00Z,2h 30m,comment with spaces


A header is not required, and the order is not important, so the following line is acceptable: test,NGEN-4,1h

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