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Structure Inserter

The Structure Inserter makes it possible to add an existing structure into the current structure. This can be extremely useful if you need to view multiple structures at a single glance.

You can insert any structure that you have access to.

You can only add one structure per inserter. If you need to include additional structures, simply add more inserters. You can add as many as you need!

We recommend that you create a special folder for each structure you want to add, and place the Structure Inserter inside that folder. This way, the inserted structure will be contained within the folder – so you can easily see where it begins and ends. If you are adding more than one structure, it's best to place them each in their own folder.

Allow Changes Via Structure

When the Allow changes via Structure box is checked, you can update the inserted structure right from your new structure. Any changes you make from the new structure will be reflected in the original

If you only want to view the contents of the original structure, uncheck the Allow changes via Structure box. The added structure will be read-only, so there's no risk of accidentally changing it.

When to Use the Structure Inserter

The Structure Inserter is a great way to compile multiple structures for simplified viewing. This is particularly useful if you're responsible for multiple structures and need to quickly review them together.

For example, if several teams work with their own structures, you may want to create a structure with an overview of them all.

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