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Release Notes - May 2022

Monday, May 22 - Tuesday, May 31

Early Access

  • Account admins can now request early access to our new Calendar Sync feature via their Customer Success Manager or through one of our friendly Support Specialists. This export tool allows you to quickly and easily visualize your roadmap in third-party calendar tools, without the need for manual entry or update.


  • We resolved an issue where a small number of roadmaps would fail to publish when a certain display setting was toggled on. This fix should apply automatically and any scheduled roadmap publications should be successful on the next attempt.

  • Thanks to the feedback of some eagle-eyed users, a fix has been rolled out to ensure that headers don't get stuck when using a multi-select field instead of a single select field in your Swimlane view.

  • For users working with our Azure DevOps integration, we've resolved an issue where a missing value in the "Closed Date" field can cause the sync to fail if this specific field is mapped as the "End Date" value in Roadmunk.

Monday, May 16 - Friday, May 20


  • Users will be happy to know that a recent issue which caused errors when some teams from being able to generate roadmaps from Templates has been resolved. Users should now be able to access the full template catalogue and generate templates as expected.

  • We've resolved the root cause of an issue that was blocking users from accessing their Jira-integrated roadmaps due to mapped start or end date values becoming "invalid" once manually removed.

Monday, May 2 - Friday, May 6


  • The date label on timeline visualizations is no longer misaligned! In order for the changes to take effect, please simply select a different date span option, months to quarters as an example, and the correct header will be displayed and match the item dates.


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