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Making the Tempo Account Custom Field Required in Jira Field Configurations

Making the Tempo Account custom field required requires the Jira Administrator permission.

The Tempo Account field is not required by default, but if desired, a Jira administrator can make it required in the Jira field configurations. 

If the Tempo Account custom field is required:

  • The Tempo Account custom field cannot be empty.

  • Subtasks can only inherit the Tempo Account custom field from the parents, if the parents have a Tempo Account custom field value.

  • If inheriting from Epics, the Tempo Account custom field will not autofill.

To make the Tempo Account custom field required:

  1. Click Jira administration :settings_dc:  at the upper-right.

  2. Select Manage apps.

  3. Under Tempo Accounts in the sidebar, select Configuration.

  4. Go to Make Tempo Account Custom Field required in Jira Field Configuration and select the Default Field Configuration check-box.

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