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Jira Pages with Structure

There are several pages where you can view and manage structures within Jira:

  • On a dedicated Structure Board
  • On the issue page
  • On project pages and agile boards
  • On a dashboard

Most functionality is available in each of these locations; however, since each serves its own purpose, there are some differences in behavior and appearance:

Open on Structure Board

Working from the Structure Board provides the most unrestricted Structure experience. To get to the Structure Board from any other page with a Structure widget, click the Open link at the bottom of the widget. This will open the currently viewed structure on the Structure Board.

The structure will open on Structure Board with the same filters and transformations that were applied in the original gadget. For examples, if your Dashboard Gadget is configured to only show items from a specific project, sorted by Assignee, that's exactly what you'll see on the Structure Board.

To review or remove these transformations, click the Transformations button

in the panel toolbar.

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