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Changing Permission to Manage Synchronizers

Dark Feature - Synchronizers are hidden by default

We recommend using Automation instead of Synchronizers. Automation is safer, provides additional functionality and flexibility, and uses fewer system resources.

To enable synchronizers, see Advanced Configuration and Dark Features.

By default, any logged-in user with Control access level for a structure can manage that structure's Synchronizers. However, you can restrict this ability to one or more user groups.

To select who can manage synchronizers:

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | Configuration.
  2. Click Select Who Can Control Synchronizers.
  3. Select whether synchronizers can be managed by Anyone with control access to the structure or by Users in selected groups/roles.
  4. In the latter case, change the selected groups/roles list by selecting the second radio button and use the Add Group/Role section to add one or more required user groups or project roles. To set up the required property, use the drop-down selectors to choose either the Group or Project option, then choose the required group name or project/role combination and press the Add button to add it to the list. If project is set to "Any", this means that the user should be in the specified role for any of the structure-enabled projects.
  5. You can remove a permission option by clicking the trash can icon on the right of the option. 
  6. Click Apply when done or Cancel to dismiss your changes.


The user also needs Control access level for a structure to be able to manage its synchronizers.

Users who have Jira Administrators global permission are always allowed to manage synchronizers.

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