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Generator Modules

There are five modules, one for each type of generators, that work in the same way:

  • structure-inserter
  • structure-extender
  • structure-filter
  • structure-grouper
  • structure-sorter

Each module allows declaring a generator of a specific type. When a plugin with a generator module is installed, you get the ability add those generators to structures.


    key="extender-examples" name="extender:Examples" description="Examples extender"
  <label key="com.mycompany.examples.extender.label"/>
  <icon spanClass="s-fa s-fa-link"/>
  <dialog-title key="com.mycompany.examples.extender.dialog-title"/>
  <resource type="velocity" name="form" location="/templates/example/extender-examples.vm"/>
  <resource type="velocity" name="summary" location="/templates/example/extender-examples-summary.vm"/>

Other types of generators are declared in the same way.

@keyYesThe unique identifier of the generator. Full module key will a part of generator specification, defining the automation.
@nameNoThe name of the module for the JIRA administrator.
@descriptionNoDescription of the module for the JIRA administrator.
labelYesThe name of the generator as it appears to the user.
iconNoThe icon for the generator that will be shown whenever the generator row is displayed. See below for details.
dialog-titleNoThe title of the dialog that is used to edit the generator
resource[@name=form]NoForm template that will be used for editing the generator's parameters
resource[@name=summary]NoForm template that will be used to display the generator as a row in a structure

Generator Icons

The icon for the generator is defined using CSS classes. If you're using your own icons, make sure the appropriate CSS styles are loaded everywhere Structure can be used (see Loading Additional Web Resources For Structure Widget).

You can also use the standard icons used by bundled generators:

Generator TypeIcon Classes
Inserters-fa s-fa-plus
Extenders-fa s-fa-link
Filteralm alm-group
Groupers-fa s-fa-filter
Sorteralm alm-sort-asc
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