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Creating Jira Specific Views

Syncing your data is only half the journey when integrating with Roadmunk. After integrating your roadmap with Jira, we can explore building your visualizations. Similar to roadmap fields, there are different types of Jira fields. They are subject to the same formatting restrictions in Roadmunk (list, multi-select, text, numeric).

Common header fields

  • Epic Link*

  • Component

  • Label

  • Assignee*

  • Status

*These are data rich fields and will take longer to sync into Roadmunk

In addition to headers, Jira integrated Roadmaps can also make use of our colour formatting options. For example, most users enjoy the ability to colour their items by Status, Assignee or Epic Link.

Specific View Examples

Here are a few examples of how a typical user may set up their visualizations after syncing their data. Fields will vary depending on what your using within your Jira instance.

Delivery Teams

Use case: an engineering team trying to get a birds eye view of everything the team has in flight

Issue types: Epic, Story, Task

Important Fields: Assignee, Epic Link, Component / Label, Fix Version, Sprint

Roadmunk View: Swimlane

Suggested Column Headers: Status, Fix Version, Sprint

Suggest Row Headers: Assignee, Issue Type, empty


Product Teams

Use Case: Evaluating Progress. In this case you may have two unique audiences - the product team (including developers) and the leadership team.

Issue types: Story, Tasks, Bugs

Important Fields: Assignee, Epic Link, Component/Label, Epic Progress

Roadmunk View: Swimlane for team, Timeline for Leadership

Swimlane Column Header: Status

Swimlane Row Header: Epic Link

Colour By: Status

Timeline Header: Epic

Item Progress: Epic Progress field



General Use Cases

Use case: A birds eye view of all work done an a particular Epic and who owns each item

Issue Types: Epics, Story, Tasks, Bugs

Important Fields: Epic Link, Issue Type, Assignee

Roadmunk View: Timeline

Timeline Header: Epic Link

Timeline Sub-Header: Issue Type

Label Suffix: Assignee


Use case: Assigned item sprint schedule. Great for individuals who aren't using dates with your Jira sync.

Issue Types: Epics

Important Fields: Sprint, Assignee

Roadmunk View: Swimlane

Swimlane Column Header: Sprint

Swimlane Row Header: Assignee

Colour by: Status


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