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Undo Synchronizer Actions

Dark Feature - Synchronizers are hidden by default

We recommend using Automation instead of Synchronizers. Automation is safer, provides additional functionality and flexibility, and uses fewer system resources.

To enable synchronizers, see Advanced Configuration and Dark Features.

Caution should always be exercised when using synchronizers. An incorrectly configured synchronizer or an accidental move can result in unexpected changes to both a structure and Jira.

Fortunately, Structure provides a method for undoing changes made by synchronizers.

Synchronizer Audit Log

To review actions that were completed automatically by installed synchronizers:

  1. Go to the Administration menu and select Structure | Support.
  2. Under Structure Support, locate the Synchronizer Audit Log section and click View Synchronizer Audit Log.
  3. On the Synchronizer Audit Log screen, scroll down to view a list of recent synchronizer actions. If you do not see the action(s) you wish to undo, you can search the audit log based on timeframe, Sync Instance ID and Structure ID.

If you do not have access to the Administration menu, speak with your Jira administrator.

Undo Synchronizer Actions

Once you have identified the action(s) you wish to undo, select them within the Audit Log and click Undo.


On the next screen, review and confirm your selection by clicking Undo.

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