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Cost Report

The Cost Report for Jira Server and Data Center displays costs for a period, based on hourly rates. You can also create and export a PDF invoice from the report.

This report is available for Accountants Groups users only (Auditors Groups if empty). If both settings are empty, the Cost Report is unavailable.

Setting Up the Cost Report

  1. With the Cost Report selected, choose Hourly Rates from the Configure menu.


  2. In the Hourly Rates window, set the rate for a user or group with a date and a particular project.


    All settings are optional. For example, a default rate can be set with an empty project. A rate of zero can be added for a user or group for a non-billable project.

  3. Press + to lock in the settings and add a new line to optionally add another rate with different settings.

  4. Check Hide Rate Column if you do not want to display the Hourly Rate column in the report.

  5. In the Currency field, add the symbol to be displayed in the report.

  6. Click Close and then refresh the report page to generate the report with your settings.



What is it?

What can I do with it?


Previous and Next icons

Click to scroll to the previous or next week.


Worked Hours icon

Select whether to display the daily, weekly, or monthly worked hours.


Details icon

Select whether to show or hide every worklog. When set to Hide, entries are grouped by issue.


Download icon

Click to export the report. See Exporting and Importing Time Reports. From this menu, you can also create an invoice.


Time Spent column

Displays the sum of worklogs for an issue, during the period selected.


Hourly Rate column

Displays the hourly rate, as set during setup of the report.


Cost column

Displays the total cost for the issue (Time Spent x Hourly Rate).


Total row

Displays the totals for time spent, hourly rate, and cost for the displayed table.

Exporting an Invoice from the Cost Report

Once you have your Cost Report set up and populated with correct data, you can export the report as a PDF to use as an invoice.

  1. With the Cost Report selected and displayed, choose invoice.pdf (pdf) from the Download menu.


  2. Edit the header and footer with your information, such as client name and address, and banking info.

  3. Click Save, and then add a name and location to save the PDF.

The header and footer information is stored in a saved view, so that it can be re-used. Select Invoice in the Saved Report section of the Report list.

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