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Getting Started

Timesheet Reports & Gadgets and Time Reports extend the built-in Jira time tracking through configurable reports for users and groups. Save time and gain valuable insights to see trends and plan future projects more efficiently.

  • Timesheet Reports & Gadgets—Tempo’s entry-level time reporting app that extends Jira, capturing time spent on every project flow.

    Explore this section for details on each report and gadget, with examples and usage tips. You can also find information on configuration settings, exporting or emailing reports, and extending the capabilities of Timesheet Reports & Gadgets for Jira Server and Data Center with REST API integrations.

  • Time Reports—Time Reports for Jira Server and Data Center offers a number of configurable reports for flexible time tracking and reporting of time spent on Projects, Epics, or Initiatives broken down by Days, Users, or Issue Statuses.

    Dive in to this section for information on configuration settings, logging time with Time Reports, and exporting or printing reports. Each report also has its own detailed topic, with plenty of examples and tips to help you get on your way. If you prefer to work with gadgets on the Jira dashboard, we have you covered: learn how to set up your dashboard just they way you want, with Time Reports Gadgets.

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