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To add members to a team in Tempo for Server

To add members to a team in Tempo for Server, you need Tempo Team Administrator permissions or you need to be a member of a permissions group that can manage a team.

  1. From the Tempo menu, click more... under Teams.
  2. Click the team to which you want to add members.
  3. The team's overview is displayed. Click Configuration under the team name.
  4. Click Members in the sidebar.
  5. In the Team Members screen, fill the fields for the team member you want to add: 
    1. Users (required) - the name of the team member.
    2. Roles (required) - the role that the user will fulfill in the team. A default role of member is assigned if you do make a selection.
    3. Availability (required) - the percentage of the user's time to allocate to this team.
    4. Joining (not required) - the date the user will be joining this team.
    5. Leaving (not required) - the date the user will be leaving this team.
  6. Click Add to add the new team member.

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