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New Structure Template module allows you to add templates to the Create Structure dialog. 


<new-structure-template key="big-template" 
    name="New Structure Template: Big Template">
  <label key="com.mycompany.template.big-template.label"/>
  <description key="com.mycompany.template.big-template.description"/>
  <resource type="download" name="icon.png" location="css/structure/templates/big@2x.png"/>
  <resource type="velocity" name="step1" location="templates/structure/big/step1.vm"/>
  <resource type="velocity" name="step2" location="templates/structure/big/step2.vm"/>
@keyYesModule key.
@nameNoThe name of the module for JIRA administrators.
@classYesThe class that implements the template, must implement NewStructureTemplate.
labelYesThe name of the template as it appears in the Create Structure dialog.
descriptionNoDescription of the template.
resource[@type=velocity]NoAny number of HTML templates used by your code to render wizard steps.
resource[@type=download]NoAny number of downloadable images or other resources used by your template.
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