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Structure.Gantt 3.6 Release Notes

24th of January, 2023

Structure.Gantt 3.6 introduces fiscal year markers and the ability to expand/collapse groups within charts.

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Version Highlights

  • Fiscal year markers
  • Expand / collapse groups within charts

Changes in Detail

Fiscal Year Marker

Not every company's fiscal year starts in January. Now you can specify the start of your fiscal year and mark it on Gantt charts, exported charts, and Structure.Gantt gadgets.

Documentation: General configuration

Expand / Collapse Group on Chart

Expand or collapse groups right from the Gantt chart. Click the expand/collapse icon next to a group to show or hide its sub-items, just like you do in Structure. 

Documentation: Gantt chart elements

Notable Improvements and Fixes

  • User's availibility periods are now editiable

Supported Versions

Structure.Gantt 3.6 requires Structure 7.4 or above.

We support all editions of Jira (Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management/Service Desk), versions 8.13 or later. Jira Data Center is also supported.

Installation and Upgrade

If you already have production data from a previous version of Structure.Gantt, please back up your database or Jira before upgrading.

Please review your Gantt configurations after upgrading to check that your settings are correct.

Enterprise Deployment Notes

Structure.Gantt 3.6 does not add any changes in terms of stability or performance compared to 3.4. There are no particular special areas of interest for load testing and stress testing. We advise running the same testing procedures as you've done for previous upgrades.

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