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API Changes in Structure 8.0

1. Minor Java API Release

There are a few API additions coming with this release. The changes are backwards-compatible, so any code using API 17.x should work fine.

Jira Version

New API Version



See Structure API Versions for full version information and downloads.

2. Compatible Changes in the Java API

We have added a new parameter named "row display mode" to the view specification, with getters and setters:

  • ViewSpecification.getRowDisplayMode()
  • ViewSpecification.Builder.getRowDisplayMode()
  • ViewSpecification.Builder.setRowDisplayMode(int)

Supported values are stored as int constants in the new class RowDisplayMode:

  • ONE_LINE means that the structure rows have fixed height and row content is displayed in one line
  • TEXT_WRAPPING means that the structure rows have adaptive height to show full row content

The default row display mode is ONE_LINE.

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