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Allowlisting IP Addresses for Jira

If you’re working through a self-managed solution with Jira, your Jira Administrator or IT team may have to allowlist Roadmunk’s IP address in your on-premises server settings in order to make connections with Roadmunk and properly pass your data back and forth. You may encounter the following error when attempting to connect Roadmunk to a Jira server which hasn't been allowlisted.


IP Address Configuration

Server Location

Site URL

Source IP Address

North America (NA)

European Union (EU)

Asia-Pacific (APAC)

 If you are on a trial plan, on a private/single-tenant deployment, or are unsure which instance you are on, please contact our support team, as the addresses required may differ from the ones listed above.

Note: Any allowlisted Jira connection must be done over SSL/TLS with valid certificates through port 443 (or another HTTPS port).

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