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Logging Time in Jira Issues Using the Tempo Panel

You can log your time directly in the issue you're working on using the Tempo panel, which is available in the main issue content or in the issue's side panel.

The panel allows you to perform some tasks for Timesheets:

Depending on your permissions, you can also:

  • View the worklog data for the issue

  • Filter the data you view in the Tempo panel to display all issue data or only your own

  • Access reports from the Tempo panel

Open or Hide the Tempo Panel

By default, the Tempo panel is not displayed in the Jira issue view. Once you open the Tempo panel, it remains open in the issue until it’s hidden. You must open the Tempo panel for each issue unless a different user has opened the Tempo panel.

Opening or hiding the Tempo panel changes the issue’s state; therefore, the Tempo panel remains open until you or another user hides the panel.

  • When the panel is open, it is open for all users who view the issue.

  • When the panel is hidden, it is closed for all users who view the issue.

To open the Tempo panel in the main issue content:

  1. Open a Jira issue.

  2. Click the Tempo icon in the Quick-add action bar at the top, or click the "..." beside the icon and select Tempo.


The Tempo panel opens in the issue. All the worklogs that are logged on this issue are displayed in the Tempo panel. By default, the worklogs are filtered by the current quarter. You can use the < > buttons to move a quarter backward and forward. The Activities tab also includes activities associated with the Jira issue that take place outside of Jira, such as meetings or your IDE.


If you do not have any worklogs, you can log time directly from the panel by clicking the Log Time button. To log time here, see Logging Your Time in a Jira Issue; to edit the worklogs, see Editing Your Worklogs in a Jira Issue.

To hide the Tempo panel:

  1. Click the  at the top right of the Tempo panel.

  2. Select Hide Tempo.


View and Filter Worklogs in the Tempo Panel

Click the down arrow on the View button and select Worklogs.

  • The Plans option is available when Planner is also installed.

  • The Data Scope menu is restricted to those with the View all Worklogs permission for the project or the View worklogs permission for the team.

  • If you have only the View issue hours permission for the project, but not the permission to view all worklogs, you can see the total number of hours per issue in the project. You can't see individual worklogs from other users.

  • When the window is resized, the View button changes to the icon to filter data.

Access Reports

If you have the View All Worklogs permission for the project, you can access Tempo Reports directly from the panel to view issue worklog data for any period. 

Click the View Report button and select Logged Time or Planned Time.


Display the Tempo Panel in the Side Panel

You can also open the Tempo panel in the Jira issue's side panel:

Click Open Tempo in the side panel to expand the view. This panel is closed by default.

  • In the Time Tracking section of the Jira Issue view, the Logged bar indicates the total time logged on the issue, potentially including subtasks. If you’re viewing time logged to an epic, the Logged bar includes time logged to the epic and the epic’s child issues.

  • The Collaborators section shows the number of hours you planned for the issue and how many hours you have logged against those plans. If you have the View worklogs permission for the relevant team, you can see how much time other team members have logged on to the issue.

    To see hours logged by all users in the system, you need the View all worklogs permission.

  • For information on the Trackers section, see Logging Time with a Tempo Tracker

  • To hide or close the Tempo panel on the right, click the arrow.


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