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Copying Synchronizers

Dark Feature - Synchronizers are hidden by default

We recommend using Automation instead of Synchronizers. Automation is safer, provides additional functionality and flexibility, and uses fewer system resources.

To enable synchronizers, see Advanced Configuration and Dark Features.

When copying a structure that has synchronizers, you can use the Copy Synchronizers option to make Structure create a copy of every synchronizer installed in the original structure.

If you don't see the Copy Synchronizers option, you may not have permission to create synchronizers.

Copying Parameters

You can decide to leave the original ownership of a synchronizer ("Run As" parameter) or make yourself a new owner for each of the copied synchronizers.

Only Jira administrators can change the synchronizer ownership.

Making yourself the new owner means that all synchronizers in the copied structure will run under your account.

Required Permissions

To be able to copy synchronizers, you need permissions to create and configure synchronizers.

Enabling Copied Synchronizers

After the structure is copied, all copied synchronizers are initially disabled. To enable them:

  1. Review their configuration to ensure they still meet your needs
  2. Adjust as necessary
  3. Run Resync & Enable - this does an initial sync and enables the synchronizers to run in the background


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