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Logging Unlogged Activities in Tempo for Slack

Tempo for Slack app lists your activities from integrations such as Calendar, VS Code, JetBrains, and Jira for you to log all the unlogged activities in your timesheet with a single click. The activities are available in your Home screen and in the Messages tab.

View Unlogged Activities from the Home Tab

When you click Home, you can view the required, logged, and unlogged hours summary for the selected day in the calendar. You can change the date in the calendar to view timesheet hours on a specific day along with the unlogged activities from that day.


To log the time of individual unlogged activities, click the (...) ellipses and select Log Time.

Edit option brings up the Log Time dialog where you can edit the hours, description, etc.

Delete option deletes the time entry from the Slack app and Timesheet for the specified activity.


Click Log All Activities to log all unlogged activities for the day.

View Unlogged Activities from the Messages Tab

While in the messages tab, you can say "Hi Tempo!" or type /tempo to initiate the Welcome message with key options available to you.


Click Unlogged Activities to view all the unlogged activities for the previous day for a 24-hour period i.e from (00:00 - 23:59). It also displays a summary of the required hours, logged hours along with the unlogged hours.

A list of all the unlogged activities are displayed and you can choose to log them individually by clicking the (...) ellipses and select Log Time. Click Log All Activities to log all of them with a click.


A confirmation message appears when all the activities are logged.


Getting Notified about the Unlogged Activities

A toggle to turn ON and OFF  lets you decide if you wish to receive reminders about unlogged activities. When you select the option Turn ON Reminders, you need to select a time from the list to get notified. The reminders are sent at the chosen time during your working days.

Reminder turned off.png

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