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Tempo for Slack

Timesheets for Cloud is required to use Tempo on Slack.

With Tempo for Slack, you can log time on Jira issues without navigating to Tempo Cloud at all. Simply start interacting directly with the Tempo bot to get your work logged quickly and efficiently.

Installing and Linking Tempo for Slack

The Tempo for Slack app guides you through the installation process quickly and easily. After you have installed the app, you only need to grant the Tempo for Slack bot access to your Tempo Timesheets data on your Jira Cloud site and you can start logging time and reviewing your timesheet directly from Slack.

To install Tempo for Slack:

  1. Select Apps in the Tempo sidebar. On the Tempo apps page, click the Slack Install button.

  2. Sign in to Slack and click Continue. This step does not appear if you are already logged into Slack in your browser.


  3. Click Allow to grant Tempo access to your Slack team.

    If you are prompted to get approval before installing the app, please contact your Administrator to approve the application installation.


  4. You will be redirected to Tempo for Slack app. Click Open Slack to continue.

  5. Tempo for Slack App opens on the Home tab which displays the welcome screen. Click Start to continue or Help to view additional information.


  6. After clicking Start, you will be directed to the Messages tab. Click Connect Jira icon, and it redirects you to a login prompt for Atlassian. If you have multiple Atlassian sites, you will see a dropdown to choose an account.


  7. Now you are ready to start a conversation with Tempo bot in Slack and log time on Jira issues.

Getting Started

Since Tempo is a bot for Slack, you can just say "Hi Tempo!" or type /tempo to initiate the Welcome message with key options available to you.

select timesheet.png

The options available are Log Time, Yesterday’s Summary , Today's Summary and Help.

The following table describes each of these options in detail.



Log Time

A dialog is displayed to enter information like Issue Key, Date, Duration, Start time and Description of the issue. To know more about Logging Time, see Logging Time in Tempo for Slack.

Yesterday's Summary

Displays yesterday's summary of required and logged hours.

Today's Summary

Displays the current day's summary of required and logged hours.


Displays available slash commands.

Using Slash Commands to view Timesheet Summary

Following are the commands that you can use to view the timesheet. The slash commands work only when they are sent to the Tempo for Slack App.

The command ts denotes 'Timesheet'.



/tempo ts -h or --help

Displays timesheet’s help

/tempo ts

Displays the buttons that are described above.

/tempo ts -t or --today

Displays the present day's timesheet.

/tempo ts -y or --yesterday

Displays the previous day's timesheet.

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