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Associating Views with Structures

Users with Control access to a structure can associate particular views with that structure. These views will appear in the Associated Views section of the Views menu when that structure is used.

Jira administrator can also specify global default view settings, which define associated views for structures that don't have customized view settings.

To view which structures a view is associated with, or to associate a view with the current structure, open the Manage Views dialog and locate the view to associate. Click View Details and select the Associations tab.

To associate the view with the current structure, click the Add to the current structure's views... link. If you have Manage access for the structure, this will open the View Settings for the structure and add the current view. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apply.

View settings (associations between a view and a structure) are a property of the structure, not the view. The Associations tab on the View Details dialog is provided for convenience.

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